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Life, Instagrammed – ESPN Video The Inst

Life, Instagrammed – ESPN Video
The Instagram account of Madison Holleran seemed to show a successful and happy college freshman. But behind the scenes, the University of Pennsylvania track athlete was struggling with her mental health.

Milwaukie resident Patti Jay hopes to in

Milwaukie resident Patti Jay hopes to interview daughters of veterans for book, film.

“I want to get stories from daughters from all over, about how we view our fathers, how we view the men in our lives, and how we view ourselves,” Jay said.

She has chosen to focus on daughters of vets, because she is a daughter and sees a connection, in that “our first relationship with men is as fathers and daughters.”
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For Children’s Mental Health Awareness

For Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, here are Oregon resources | Amy Wang

National Children’s Mental Health Aware

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day: May 7, 2015 | Dr. Victor Schwartz

The Stigma of Mental Illness – Will it E

The Stigma of Mental Illness – Will it Ever Go Away? | Dr. Lynn K. Jones, PCC, BCC | LinkedIn

During Mental Health Month, Pick Up One

During Mental Health Month, Pick Up One Of These 15 Memoirs About Mental Illness That Should Be Required Reading |

7 Major Links Between Diet and Mental He

7 Major Links Between Diet and Mental Health

Diet is one of the key factors of preventing disease and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s no surprise, then, that what you eat can also impact your mental health, and, for people with mental illnesses or disorders, your diet can both help and harm your treatment and recovery.

How Mental Illness is Misrepresented in

How Mental Illness is Misrepresented in the Media- US News
Diefenbach analyzed the portrayals of psychological disorders on prime time television. He found that characters who were identified through behavior or label as having a mental illness were 10 times more likely than other TV characters to commit a violent crime – and between 10 to 20 times more likely to commit a violent crime than someone with a mental illness would be in real life.

GoLocalPDX | Sheila Hamilton: Learning F

GoLocalPDX | Sheila Hamilton: Learning From Mental Illness and How You Can’t Erase the Past
We can’t erase the past, but we can chart new futures! Here’s to Sheila Hamilton of KINK, one of OMOD’s community advisors.

Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington And Sar

Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington And Sarah Jessica Parker Talk Mental Health Stigma In Glamour


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